Bclever Srls is a partner of the European project STIMULART, approved as part of the Interreg VB Central Europe 2014-2020 Program. Thanks to the collaboration between the 9 partners, the Project aims to identify the best practices with which to enhance the competitiveness of medium-sized urban centers through creative and cultural industries (CCI).

The expected duration is 36 months: from 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2022.


Starting from the positive experiences found in various medium-sized European cities, enhance the potential of the cultural and creative industries (KICs) as a driving force for sustainable development of the territory.

Strengthening the collaboration between public and private becomes one of the keys to promoting the development of the territory and cooperation between creative activities in medium-sized centers; thanks to the diversification of the local economy, it is possible to aim at the creation of new jobs and the general improvement of the living conditions of citizens.


Lead partner of the STIMULART project is the Municipality of Jászberény (Hungary), while the eight partners include the Municipalities of Vittorio Veneto (Italy), Amberg and Naumburg (Germany) and Kamnik (Slovenia), supported by four private entities with skills and experience specific in the development of cultural and creative enterprises: Jászkerület Non-profit Ltd. (Hungary), Institute for Tourism, Sports & Culture of Kamnik (Slovenia), University of Regensburg (Germany) and, precisely, Bclever srls (Italy).

Bclever’s role

In addition to supporting the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto in the development of synergies between the public and private sectors, Bclever has a fundamental role in the development of the Vittorio Veneto pilot project, dedicated to the implementation of an incubation model for cultural and creative industries at the FabLab Innovation Center of Vittorio Veneto, of which Bclever has been the coordinator since 2016.


Jump into the 3D model of the “Virtual HUB”, the pilot project that BCLEVER SRLS carried out within the Interreg StimulART project.
Among the equipment at its disposal, you will find the “Oculus Quest 2” and “Oculus GO” VR headsets, 3D printers, projectors and a working station equipped with the best software for 3D modeling and photogrammetry.


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